07 November 2013

Show time

I'm doing just a couple of shows this season and one of them is this weekend and it's here in Cobourg. I'll have my regular stuff - cards, ornaments, gift tags and framed prints. The show is this Saturday, November 9th, 2013 from 10am - 4pm at the Lions Community Centre. Check out the Make it Indie site for a list of vendors and other fun stuff.

13 September 2013

doll parts

For the last couple years an art group based in Port Hope called Critical Mass has been infiltrating the Port Hope Fall Fair with artist interventions. You can read about it here. This year I'm submitting a mourning doll. Here are some pictures of the process and the finished doll.

26 February 2013

Put! A! Bird! On! It!

More work for the Nature Conservancy. Sketches first -- acadian flycatcher, bobolink, american robin and sprague's pipit:

And the finished paintings:

And I made them into a card set and it's in my etsy shop here.

30 January 2013

Beautiful Lady in a Harlequin Costume

New painting in the shop.

©Laura Fetterley

23 January 2013

Flowers, Plants, Skeleton

New painting here.

©Laura Fetterley

16 January 2013

Ghost Birds

New painting in the shop.
Pink Ghost Birds Leave the Rainbow Church.

©Laura Fetterley

11 January 2013

Anatomical Doll

I came across a photo of a gorgeous 16th-century Italian anatomical model carved from ivory and decided to paint her with huge, beautiful 1970s Barbie hair. The sculptor carved the model with little ivory pillows supporting her head and feet, as if she's taking a little nap, despite the fact that her flesh has been sliced off and her insides are out in the air. I love it.

This painting is gouache on paper and it's in my shop.

©Laura Fetterley

05 January 2013

Bear smells flowers, gets angry

New gouache painting, in the shop, (SOLD) "Bear smells flowers, gets angry."
Roughly 5 x 7 inches on 100% cotton Arches paper.

©Laura Fetterley