29 May 2012

OOAK 2012

Only 175 days left to prepare for the One of a Kind Christmas show. Better get to work. They included my cardinal ornament on the flyer this year and it's on the cover of the website right now, pretty cool:

The Dyer's Garden

New gouache painting in my shop. I used to work at a pioneer village where I spun and dyed wool. The whole process is pretty magical, particularly making dyes from flowers.

21 May 2012

Up for an award!

I worked with the design genius Luke Despatie on these labels (illustrations - me, design and typesetting - him) and now we're up for an award! Click here for all the finalists. 

Etsy back up and running

My etsy shop has been down for about 6 months and I've finally re-opened with a bunch of new gouache paintings. Check out the shop here.