10 December 2012

Ornaments are ready

I worked my tush off last week to make more ornaments and now they are in my etsy shop.

Here is my blue jay peeking out of my friend's Christmas tree...

04 December 2012

Phew & One of a Kind & Ornaments

I can't even express how happy I am to be home after the One of a Kind show. Great show, totally exhausting, we missed our little dog like crazy. Thanks to everyone who came out. I am scrambling to make some more ornaments (my Santa, Blue Jay, Cardinal and Snowman ornaments all sold out during the show) and list them in my etsy shop. I am hoping to have them ready by early next week (December 10th-ish) at the latest. If you would like to be notified when they are available online please send me an email at laurafetterley@gmail.com with the subject line 'ornaments.'

07 November 2012

Beyond Craft, Stouffville

If you happen to be in Stouffville this weekend, I'll have a table at this show:

02 November 2012

One of a Kind 2012

The One of a Kind show is just around the corner.... this year I'll be doing the full show: November 22nd to December 2nd. You can find me in Booth B-23.

Here is a link to the site: One Of A Kind
Here is a link to my profile: Laurajean
Click HERE to purchase discount tickets!

New prints and a blue jay

I've been working on new small linoprints and here they are, a growling bear, a little gnome smoking a pipe, a scruffy orange cat (also printed some in black), and a lady wearing a garden dress. Also made a new ornament this year, a blue jay.

31 October 2012

Happy halloweeeeeen!

©Laura Fetterley

18 October 2012

spaghetti poodle

I keep saying that I'm not going to make cute things anymore. And then something like this happens. This is probably the CUTEST THING I'VE EVER MADE. I love porcelain dogs and I have a small collection including some spaghetti poodles. This is a small linoprint I made of one of them.

©Laura Fetterley

03 October 2012

My desk

This is what my desk looks like right now. I always end up working in a tiny space as the entire desk gets crowded with junk that I just push aside instead of cleaning up. 48 days until the One of a Kind show. Yikes. I'm working on some small linoprints. I haven't done any printmaking since last fall.

18 September 2012

Bear and beasts

I'm gearing up to do some larger paintings and have been working on some sketches in gouache. I'm sure these dudes will make their way in somewhere...

©Laura Fetterley

©Laura Fetterley

17 September 2012

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Queen West Art Crawl this weekend. Good times, beautiful weather, and one of the best parks for cute dog stalking. Too bad our little fella couldn't come with us. Too much attitude.

©Laura Fetterley

13 September 2012

Queen West Art Crawl this weekend!

I'm Booth N-21.
September 15 & 16, 2012
11am - 6pm
Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto


11 September 2012

Northumberland Hills Studio Tour

Thanks to everyone who braved the crazy weather (on Saturday at least) to visit my studio on the weekend. Hope to see you again next year.

15 August 2012

07 August 2012

Hunter and Hunted

My sister Lins has always been obsessed with the extinct tasmanian wolf, and she passed that obsession onto me.

©Laura Fetterley
gouache on paper

Tribute magazine can be inspiring

©Laura Fetterley
Still from the movie "The Possesion," gouache on paper

©Laura Fetterley
Lohan as Liz Taylor, looking bloated and tired, gouache on paper

Dog Strangling Vine

Commission for the Nature Conservancy of Canada, a plant called Dog-Strangling vine, oddly enough, as it doesn't strangle dogs, but it is an invasive species that poses a serious risk to some of our native plants and habitats. For more info see the NCC's post.

©Laura Fetterley

16 July 2012

In A Garden show this weekend

I participated in Kathryn McHolm's show last year and had a wonderful time... a very talented group of artists and craftspeople in the most beautiful setting. The show takes place this weekend, July 21st and 22nd, in Welcome, Ontario:

Here are some pictures I took at last year's show:

26 June 2012

Cobourg Waterfront Festival

This weekend! Visit me in Booth B-27.

05 June 2012

Fox in a Flower Prison... and moths.

New gouache paintings:

Love of Mine show extended

My show at Love of Mine boutique on Queen west is going to run for a couple more weeks into June. Here are some of the paintings included:

detail of the largest painting

29 May 2012

OOAK 2012

Only 175 days left to prepare for the One of a Kind Christmas show. Better get to work. They included my cardinal ornament on the flyer this year and it's on the cover of the website right now, pretty cool:

The Dyer's Garden

New gouache painting in my shop. I used to work at a pioneer village where I spun and dyed wool. The whole process is pretty magical, particularly making dyes from flowers.

21 May 2012

Up for an award!

I worked with the design genius Luke Despatie on these labels (illustrations - me, design and typesetting - him) and now we're up for an award! Click here for all the finalists. 

Etsy back up and running

My etsy shop has been down for about 6 months and I've finally re-opened with a bunch of new gouache paintings. Check out the shop here.

17 April 2012

Love of Mine solo show for the month of May

I have been hibernating in my shop since January, emerging only for refills of wine and snacks. I have become completely addicted to painting with gouache. I have a series of new paintings and I'm finally ready to share. I'll be showing at Love of Mine Boutique for the month of May. Details right here:

08 March 2012

Wild Pack of Family Dogs

This is an acrylic painting I made last fall. It's sort of based on this song by Modest Mouse. I love the lyrics. They deal with a lot of themes that I'm working on right now.




18 January 2012

Happy 2012!

It's been a long time since my last post so I'll start 2012 with a good one. I'm pleased to say that due to sales of my Nature Conservancy prints I was able to donate $150 back to the organization! I donate $5 from each sale back to the N.C.C. so thanks to everyone who has purchased these prints.

If you are interested in making your own donation to the Nature Conservancy, visit the website here.