11 February 2010

Bye Bye Bunny

Last week I sold the last bunny print in the series. There were twelve, and now there are none! I'm glad that they've all found nice homes.

I'm about to start another round of these woodland guys. This time around I think there will be more bunnies or hares, some turtles, wood ducks, and maybe deer... And in honour of spring time (which is when they'll be done, hopefully) they will all have babies! Fawns! Ducklings! Um, baby turtles? Baby bunnies? Okay, so I just looked up the proper names of these animals. A baby bunny is called a kit or a kitten. This seems like something that I should have known. A baby hare is called a leveret. Weird. And a baby turtle is a hatchling. BORING. I'm going to call them turtlettes.