31 August 2009

More greeting cards!

Lately I've been on a greeting card kick. Here are a couple new ones. Click on any of the images to enlarge!

Available in my etsy shop!

This one folds out to tell a little story about a dog...

Also available in my etsy shop!
Click on this image to enlarge the picture so that you can read the whole story.

21 August 2009

Nine Reasons to Smile

This is a notecard which I just got back from the printer. It was printed from my original watercolour and ink illustration. Cards available in my etsy shop.

The original idea for this card came from a book that I made for a friend. He was feeling down and I made this to cheer him up. My intention was to remind him that when life is really crappy there are simple things that always make me feel better.

Here is the original book cover (sorry for the terrible scan), with a linen spine and hand-spun wool for the tie.

One of the original illustrations. I typed the book on my sister's old 1980s electric typewriter, which frankly I'm surprised still works. And more surprised that you can still buy ribbon for these old work-horses.

11 August 2009


Last spring I participated in a group show in which the artists were given a theme and told to create a piece using whichever media they chose. The theme was just a single word, “once.” This is the print that I made for the show, which is now available in my etsy shop:

This print deals with the loss of childhood and the power of nostalgia. I wanted the print to look old, like a faded illustration that might be found in an old book for children full of frightening cautionary tales about becoming an adult.

The print is fairly large and was made using a bunch of different lino blocks that were each printed, then reduced, then printed again.

10 August 2009

Annie Cat and her Kittens

Annie and her removable kittens are now available in my etsy shop. Made from vintage fabrics (printed cotton paisley and wool fabric) with hand painted wooden eyes, hand stitched silk-thread faces and hand-knitted scarf. The kittens can be free or can rest in Annie's pocket.

05 August 2009

Hand Carved Bunny Frames

A few weeks ago I found some plain wooden frames in a thrift shop and decided to liven them up with some bunny carvings... Here they are! And they are available in my etsy shop. To see how they came to be, keep on reading...

I use a bunch of different chisels but the ones that I use the most were hand-made for me by my grandpa, the coolest man in the world.

Plain frames...

light pencil drawing. Decided later to get rid of the flowers.

Always looks messy at first...

Looking better...

Carving is finished!

Many light coats of white paint and sanding in between layers.

Then some very light colour, ivory for the frame, light fawn brown for the bunnies, pale pink for the noses and white for their cotton-tails. Then another sanding of the entire frame, a few coats of varnish for protection (and makes them very easy to clean) and they're finished!

If you like what you see, you can visit my etsy shop. And if you like the frames but would like a different design/animal, just send me an email.